Technology Platform

Our comprehensive NextGen Research Discovery Platform is driven by the proprietary eL7™ noetic processor with several key functional, operational and performance advantages:

  • Built and Optimized for Biomedical Research
  • Integrated by Design
  • Intuitive by Nature
  • Interoperable & Scalable
  • Secure from the Start
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    Product Pipeline

    Our product pipeline is designed to foster competitive advantage by boosting innovation and productivity on individual and organizational levels for clients in:

  • Biotech and Pharmaceuticals Professionals
  • Consulting Firms, Businesses Developers and Consultants
  • Researchers, Clinicians
  • Technology Transfer
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Academia and Medical Research Centers
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    Simplified, Big Data Agile Cloud Solutions

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    What our Product Pipeline offer

    • Ability to find, acquire, extract, manipulate, analyze, connect and visualize
    • Find hidden answers faster and more accurately
    • Enrich your experience with comprehensive and customizable set of databases
    • Analyzing business opportunities
    • Sophisticated analytics can substantially improve decision-making, minimize risks
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    Make a Difference - Use VESTI’s Analytics & Intelligence

    We offer tools that are: innovative, current, fast, cost-effective, time-efficient, and on-the-go

    You can become: an expert, a leader, the game-changer in healthcare: biomedical research or business

    • Change current paradigm for drug development
    • Influence decision-makers with evidence-supported reports
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