Alan Carter - Sales & Business Development executive with over 20 years of experience in biotechnology market - provides best sales practices and methodologies in complex B2B relationships.

Alan’s extensive portfolio of accomplishments includes multimillion deals for such well-known companies as Perkin Elmer, Celera, Biotrove, Inc. (now Life Technologies), and Gene Logic. Currently Mr Carter is a CEO at a startup company that builds private, portable, and intuitive personal genomics analysis applications.

During the course of his enticing career, Alan enriched his knowledge of evolving biotechnologies by adopting novel ways in healthcare market development: collaborations, partnerships and technology for gene-expression-based tumor profiling; global sales, marketing and business development activities to improve yields in recombinant protein production; nanofluidic HT-PCR and HT Screening utilizing Mass Spec; Affymetrix gene expression database on disease tissues and predictive tox; brining software solutions for clients in molecular modeling and protein crystallography; and developing sales markets for application of whole genome sequencing in clinical healthcare while utilizing its impact on patient treatment outcomes; Mr. Carter reorganized and managed pharmaceutical business development teams in North America and Europe and led business development of multi-year, multi-million dollar pharmaceutical genome database deals.

Alan graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with major in chemistry and minor in biology and marketing.