Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Agoulnik brings to VESTI Intelligence Corp over 15 years of experience in managing biomedical multi-disciplinary research programs both in academic and biotech industry settings. At Vesti she applies her scientific training and management skills to provide leadership in implementing mission, vision, strategy and long-term planning to maximize the company’s business objectives and to build a high performance culture of engagement and focused initiative.

To implement fund raising initiative, Irina led the efforts on submitting first NCI/SBIR grant, seeking government support for the second application in Vesti’s product pipeline: ReachMe

Previously, Irina worked at two institutions affiliated with Harvard Medical School: Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As Director of Operations for the $24M, five year, NIH funded initiative SysCODE (BWH), she worked closely with Program Director, Consortium Team Leaders, External Advisory Board and NIH program officers on implementing interdisciplinary research consortium strategy, and participated in the National Evaluation of NIH IRC program.

At Millennium Pharmaceuticals (Takeda), she contributed to achieving company’s milestones in drug target identification and validation by employing strategic plans for process improvement resulting in $8M savings, and by participating in microarray technology transfer to the partner-companies with $2.6M in revenues.

Irina holds PhD in Biology (Russia), MS in Physics (Kazakhstan), and a Diploma in computer programming (USA). Her work at Princeton University resulted in several co-authored publications.