Mr. Dugan has been at forefront of new technology initiation, market development, adoption and successful growth since his career began. In his early days at Cambridge Technology Group/ Massachusetts Institute of Technology where client-server technologies were introduced through joint business development initiatives with Hewlett-Packard to radically shift technology from the mainframe to workstations, he worked on the incubation of disruptive technology companies for over $100 Billion in company value.

Working with the CEO and Chairman of the Board, he developed Senior Executive vision into Oracle Consulting bringing General Electric as the first global anchor customer for Oracle Services, Applications and Technology. In the late 1990s he joined the other founders and grew Answerthink Consulting / Hackett Group within 18 months into the first public company consulting & solutions firm with an IPO in 1998 at a $1.5B market cap.

Mr. Dugan is also responsible for significant B2B commercialization of the Internet, pioneering the ePlex infrastructure that integrated Buy/Sell commerce with supply chain and logistics to fulfill the commerce transactions. One of his customers, Amazon, used this ePlex infrastructure to build a consumer experience that propelled it into the largest online retailer on the planet. In the early 2000s, Mr. Dugan pioneered RFID-enabled applications incubated through the Auto-ID Lab, MIT, developing markets across industries for this emerging technology.

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