CaptoMe – Become an Expert

Built and optimized for Biomedical research, CaptoMe is a comprehensive NextGen Research Discovery platform that enables researchers, consultants, clinical trial planners and biomedical professionals to easily combine biomedical content with a set of tools for information management and results reporting.


CaptoMe boosts innovation and productivity of biomedical research by offering two main facilities to its users


Powered by Vesti proprietary eL7™ Noetic Processor with federated search across 20+ databases for several metadata categories, CaptoMe offers over 24 Million abstracts and publications, 176 thousands clinical trials from around the world including Europe, China, India, and Australia, over 5 Million issued patens and applications, and over 600 thousand of biomedical news records.

unique information managment
  • In-depth specific disease-ontology and related indexing
  • Diversely selective tagging, filtering and sorting for identification, selection and maintenance of findings
  • Statistically sound dashboard with research progress summaries and graphs
  • Log and Share capabilities for generating reports with references, saving & exporting them
INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIBERS (e.g. researchers in small biotech, academia, students)

    Knowledge Breadth : Multiple sources of information with one search term (DOMAIN)

    Knowledge Depth : Report to the teacher the time spend and stats on research (GROWTH)

    Quick Grasp : Classes preparation with search management tools (LEARNING)

    First to know : Automatic daily delivery of new records per project with the help of built-in search pattern recognition feature

    Expert in a highly specific domain : Continuous comprehensive investigation supported by deeply indexed disease-specific ontology, research statistics, and record tagging features

    Competitive Advantage : Strengthen your professional competitive advantage by boosting innovation and productivity of your personal research