SHANE C. WEBER, Ph.D. has over 15 years experience in advanced technology, precision medicine drug development and diagnostic therapeutic co-development clinical trial design. Dr. Weber is recognized as a companion diagnostic leader who catalyzes commercialization for precision medicine therapies.

At Pfizer, the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company, he led worldwide companion diagnostic precision medicine commercial strategies for rare disease, transplantation immunotherapy, Alzheimer’s and pre-diabetes as Director of Diagnostics in both Clinical Research and Precision Medicine, Clinical Trial Development and in Global Research.

Prior to Pfizer, Dr. Weber at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical’s Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics successfully identified biomarker opportunities for commercially significant unmet diagnostic medical needs: pre-diabetes, cardio-diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, preeclampsia, endometriosis, early rheumatoid arthritis, early osteoarthritis, Alzheimer, Schizophrenia, depression and bipolar. He brought twelve biomarkers for license into the deal pipeline.

Prior to Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Weber at Takeda Oncology (former Millennium Pharmaceuticals), delivered Technology Transfer milestones resulting in $2.1M total payments, carried out experimental diligence that resulted in the Affymetrix-Millennium microarray deal and served as a member of Millennium’s interdisciplinary advisory committee on gene transcript profiling to the FDA.

Currently, as Principal at Exponential Technologies Precision Medicine (ETPM), Dr. Weber provides strategy solutions for Companion Diagnostic and Precision Medicine drug development, RxDx clinical trial design, IP and technology assessment, opportunity scouting, in-license support and SBIR grant application strategy.

Dr. Weber has a broad experience in biochemistry, biophysics, protein structure, protein expression, yeast molecular biology, genetics, cloning, molecular diagnostic and imaging technique having received his PhD in Biochemistry & Biophysics from Oregon State University followed by postdoctoral training in Radiation Biology & Biophysics at Rochester Medical School, Rochester, NY. His undergraduate degree, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, is from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Dr. Weber has 12 publications and 6 patents, and has been an invited speaker to many scientific conferences including the Catalyst Center at Harvard Medical School, and the Partnerships in Clinical Trials 2013. He has written SBIR awards for a total of $1.8 M and served on NIH SBIR study section review panels for five years.